Annual awards by PhytoKeys for Most cited articles and Most active editors

19 December 2022

In continuation of one of our favourite journal traditions, we are happy to announce the recipients of the annual awards for most cited articles and most active editors. With this, we invite the PhytoKeys community to celebrate its members’ impressive contributions to the creation and dissemination of high-quality scholarly research. 

This year, in order to support and encourage remarkable science going public, we are giving out vouchers for a free publication in PhytoKeys to the three lead authors of the best cited papers published in 2019 and the three editors who have completed the most editorial tasks in 2021. You can find more information on our website.

Congrats and special ‘Thank you!’ goes to the authors*:

  1. James A. Compton for “The Callerya Group redefined and Tribe Wisterieae (Fabaceae) emended based on morphology and data from nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequences” (23 citations)
  2. Jie Cai for “China's biodiversity hotspots revisited: A treasure chest for plants” (21 citations)
  3. Aleksandr Petrovich Shalimov for “A taxonomic revision of the genus Selaginella (Selaginellaceae) from Nepal” (18 citations)

and the editors**:

  1. Lorenzo Peruzzi (13 edited manuscripts in 2021)
  2. Sandy Knapp (12 edited manuscripts in 2021)
  3. Alexander Sennikov (9 edited manuscripts in 2021)

Thank you all for being part of the PhytoKeys family: we deeply appreciate the individual contributions of every one of you: as readers, authors, editors and reviewers!

We’ll be back next year, when we’ll award the most cited papers from 2020 and the most active editors from 2022!

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*In case the third place is shared by multiple papers, we’re awarding the most recently published one in recognition of its addressing a particularly ‘hot’ topic in botany.
**If multiple editors share the third place in the ranking, the award is given to the one with the highest all-time record at PhytoKeys.

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