Inviting feedback from journal users on Pensoft’s 30th anniversary

30 November 2022

This December, our publisher Pensoft celebrates 30 years on the scholarly scene, raise your glasses!

All this time: from the publication of its first book in 1994 to the start of its first journal (2008), and the launch of its first publishing platform (2010), amongst many other proud moments, Pensoft did their best to never turn a blind eye to the needs and wants of its users: authors, readers, editors, reviewers, journal owners and project partners alike.

By inviting you to complete this 3-minute survey, Pensoft welcomes your invaluable feedback that will be used in future updates, upgrades and major overhauls across the journal portfolio. We join Pensoft in the desire to never break that pledge from 30 years ago.

After completing the survey, you are warmly invited to join us on the 30-year journey of Pensoft on the publisher’s blog.


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