Siphocampylus siberiensis. A Flowering branch, showing the persistent leaf scars and developmental procession of distal flower at anthesis to basal capsular fruit B Flower in pistillate phase, including detail of sepal with pubescence C Corolla lobe detail, including marginal pubescence D Longitudinal section of a pistillate phase flower, showing the insertion of staminal tube to corolla, style and stigma as situated relative to the stamens, and bilocular ovary with axile placentation E Anther tube in staminate-phase flower F Capsule with lobes and ridges. Drawing by Bobbi Angel from the type.

  Part of: Lagomarsino LP, SantamarĂ­a-Aguilar D (2015) Two new species of Siphocampylus (Campanulaceae, Lobelioideae) from the Central Andes. PhytoKeys 58: 105-117.