Thismia hongkongensis sp. nov. (S.S. Mar 2, HK). A Entire flower. B Flower with proximal part of perianth tube removed, showing pendent stamens. C Apex of the perianth tube, showing annulus (a) and pendent stamens, with filament (f), thecae (th), lateral appendage (la), and aperture (ap) between filaments. D Longitudinal section through fused carpels. Scale bars: A, B, D = 2 mm; C = 1 mm. Drawings by Caren Pearl Shin.

  Part of: Mar SS, Saunders RMK (2015) Thismia hongkongensis (Thismiaceae): a new mycoheterotrophic species from Hong Kong, China, with observations on floral visitors and seed dispersal. PhytoKeys 46: 21-33.