Closest relatives of Siphocampylus antonellii, based on molecular phylogeny of Lagomarsino et al. (2014). A Flower of Siphocampylus veteranus B Flower of Siphocampylus actinothrix C Flower of Siphocampylus elfriedii D Cross-section of main stem of S. veteranus, showing a much more robust habit than Siphocampylus antonellii, but similar wood structure. All photos taken in the field by L. Lagomarsino. A, D L. Lagomarsino et al. 388 B L. Lagomarsino et al. 403 C L. Lagomarsino et al. 387.

  Part of: Lagomarsino LP, SantamarĂ­a-Aguilar D (2015) Two new species of Siphocampylus (Campanulaceae, Lobelioideae) from the Central Andes. PhytoKeys 58: 105-117.