Psoralea vanberkelae C.H. Stirt., A. Bello & Muasya A flowering branch B leaf C stipule D flower viewed from the front E standard petal showing the M-shaped nectar patch F wing petal G keel petal H androecium I gynoecium showing the stigma J outer surface of calyx opened out K trifid cupulum L bud. Scale bars: A, B=1 cm; C–L=1 mm. Line drawing by Abubakar Bello from voucher N. van Berkel 1118 (BOL).

  Part of: Bello A, Stirton CH, Chimphango SBM, Muasya AM (2015) Psoralea diturnerae and P. vanberkelae (Psoraleeae, Fabaceae): two new species restricted to the Core Cape Region of South Africa. PhytoKeys 44: 97-107.