Photographs of living specimen of Angraecum lanceolatum (A, C, D V. Droissart et al. 1874 B J.P. Biteau 263): A habit and top view of the flower B half front view of the flower (from spirit material) C inflorescence and flower D habit and peduncle with fruit. Photographs taken by: A, D V. Droissart; B V. Ječmenica; C G. Kamdem.

  Part of: Ječmenica V, Droissart V, Noret N, Stévart T (2016) Taxonomy of Atlantic Central African orchids 5. A new species of Angraecum sect. Conchoglossum (Orchidaceae, Angraecinae) from Gabon and Cameroon. PhytoKeys 61: 61-71.