Maximum likelihood tree with support values indicated on branches (ML bootstrap above; MP bootstrap below). Flower morphology of the genera in the Piptostigmateae tribe. a Annickia affinis (Exell) Versteegh & Sosef b Greenwayodendron suaveolens (Engl. & Diels) Verdc c Piptostigma multinervium Engl. & Diels d Polyceratocarpus parviflorus (Baker) Ghesq e Sirdavidia solannona f Mwasumbia alba. Photos: TLP Couvreur. Note: there is some confusion around the proper identification of the accession Lugas 111 (Woodiellantha sp in this study).

  Part of: Couvreur TLP, Niangadouma R, Sonk√© B, Sauquet H (2015) Sirdavidia, an extraordinary new genus of Annonaceae from Gabon. PhytoKeys 46: 1-19.