Phylogram of sect. Phacocystis s.l. based on the maximum likelihood phylogenetic reconstruction of the complete singletons tree (ITS, ETS, rpl32‐trnLUAG, ycf6‐psbM) by Benítez-Benítez et al. (2021). SH supports > 60 are given above branches. Tip codes are included in Suppl. material 3. The samples with asterisk (*) have been newly sequenced for this study. The orange highlighted populations represent La Mancha’s problematic samples herein described as Carex quixotiana.

  Part of: Benítez-Benítez C, Jiménez-Mejías P, Luceño M, Martín-Bravo S (2023) Carex quixotiana (Cyperaceae), a new Iberian endemic from Don Quixote’s land (La Mancha, S Spain). PhytoKeys 221: 161-186.