Maximum likelihood consensus tree of 32 representatives of the two varieties of Leucobryum aduncum based on nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequences (ITS1, ITS2, atpB-rbcL spacer, and trnL-trnF). Branch support values are from Bayesian inference (BI) and Maximum likelihood (ML) analyses of the same alignment. The Bootstrap (BS; ≥ 70%) values and Posterior probabilities (PP; ≥ 0.95) are shown at the nodes, respectively, with non-matching clades using different analyses indicated by ‘–’. The tree was outgroup-rooted by L. candidum and L. chlorophyllosum.

  Part of: Tiwutanon P, Chaiyasut K, Lumbsch HT, Kraichak E (2023) Resurrection of Leucobryum scalare Müll.Hal. ex M.Fleisch. (Bryophyta, Leucobryaceae) based on phylogenetic and morphometric evidence. PhytoKeys 222: 27-47.