Mitotic metaphase chromosomes (2n = 60) of two populations of Sinosenecio minshanicus sp. nov. A population from Zhugqu county in south-eastern Gansu province, China; voucher: W. Q. Fei & J. Li 598 (IBSC, SYS) B population from Pingwu county in northern Sichuan province, China; voucher: W.Q. Fei & J. Li 563 (CDBI, IBSC, PE, SYS).

  Part of: Su X-J, Fei W-Q, Zhao D, Liu Y, Yang Q-E (2023)  Sinosenecio minshanicus (Asteraceae, Senecioneae), a new species from south-eastern Gansu and northern Sichuan, China. PhytoKeys 218: 79-91.