Sinosenecio minshanicus sp. nov. in the wild (China, Sichuan province, Pingwu county, the type locality) A stolons and roots B close-up of stolon C middle portion of scape D leaf (left: adaxial side; right: abaxial side) E bracts on the scape F close-up of capitulum (lateral view) G capitulum (lateral view) and distal portion of scape H capitulum (top view) I phyllaries (adaxial side) J phyllaries (abaxial side) K ray florets L disc florets. Photographed by W.Q. Fei.

  Part of: Su X-J, Fei W-Q, Zhao D, Liu Y, Yang Q-E (2023)  Sinosenecio minshanicus (Asteraceae, Senecioneae), a new species from south-eastern Gansu and northern Sichuan, China. PhytoKeys 218: 79-91.