A–D population: Guiding County (type locality of Impatiens atherosepala: Pinfa) A habit B flower in face view C flower in lateral view D flower dissected E–H population: Mount Emei (type locality of I. rhombifolia) E habit F flower in face view G flower in lateral view H flower dissected I–L population: Kaiyang County (type locality of I. reptans: Guiyang) I habit J flower in face view K flower in lateral view L flower dissected M–O population: Guanshanhu District (near type locality of I. crassiloba and I. ganpiuana: ganpin) M habit N flower in face view O flower dissected P–R population: Dali City (type locality of I. procumbens) P flower in face view Q, R flower in lateral view. Photographs (Q, R) was taken in Dali City by QIN-WEN LIN, and other photographs by XIN-XIANG BAI.

  Part of: Huang R-X, Yuan T-H, Chen Y, Li M-J, Bai X-X (2023) Five new synonyms for Impatiens procumbens (Balsaminaceae) in China. PhytoKeys 222: 179-191. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.222.97087