Flower dissected and drawing A Impatiens reptans (on the part of E00313595 and P00780766) B I. ganpiuana (on the part of E00313669) C I. crassiloba (on the part of P00780642) D I. atherosepala (on the part of E00313654). Source from http://coldb.mnhn.fr/catalognumber/mnhn/p/p00780766 (accessed on 8 April 2021). Source from https://data.rbge.org.uk/herb/E00313595 (accessed on 8 April 2021). Source from https://data.rbge.org.uk/herb/E00313669 (accessed on 20 March 2021). Source from http://coldb.mnhn.fr/catalognumber/mnhn/p/p00780642 (accessed on 12 July 2021). Source from https://data.rbge.org.uk/herb/E00313654 (accessed on 20 March 2021).

  Part of: Huang R-X, Yuan T-H, Chen Y, Li M-J, Bai X-X (2023) ´╗┐Five new synonyms for Impatiens procumbens (Balsaminaceae) in China. PhytoKeys 222: 179-191. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.222.97087