Coptis huanjiangensis L.Q.Huang, Q.J.Yuan & Y.H.Wang, sp. nov. A species habitat (Jiuwanshan National Natural Reserve, Huanjiang County, Guangxi, China) B plant in florescence stage C plant in fruiting stage D leaf, frontal and back view E margin with sparsely upturned spiny hairs F–H inflorescence and flowers I–K follicles and seeds L root. Photos by Yiheng Wang, Jingyi Wang & Qiang Mao.

  Part of: Wang Y, Sun J, Wang J, Mao Q, Dong W, Yuan Q, Guo L, Huang L (2022)  Coptis huanjiangensis, a new species of Ranunculaceae from Guangxi, China. PhytoKeys 213: 131-141.