Jasminanthes xuanlienensis T.B.Tran & Rodda. A Flowering branch in the habitat of the type locality (22 April 2013) B Inflorescence C Flower, top view D Pollinarium E Gynostegium and staminal corona. aa: anther appendage; ca: caudicle; cl: corona lobe; co: corpusculum; gr: guide rail; p: pollinium; sh: style head. (Photographs by T.B. Tran, photo edit by M. Rodda)

  Part of: Tran TB, Hai DV, Ha BT, Rodda M (2016) Jasminanthes xuanlienensis (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae), a new species from Vietnam. PhytoKeys 69: 17-22. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.69.9272