Hererolandia pearsonii (L. Bolus) E. Gagnon & G. P. Lewis. A shrubby habit B inflorescence C branch showing prickles and leaves D fruits (A. A. Dreyer, Sesriem Canyon, Namibia, unvouchered). Haematoxylum brasiletto H. Karst. E mature fruit dehiscing along the mid-valve (C. E. Hughes, Mexico, unvouchered) F inflorescences and leaves (G. P. Lewis, Mexico, Lewis 2057 (K)) G distinctively fluted trunks (C. E. Hughes, Oaxaca, Mexico, Hughes 1947 (FHO)) Lophocarpinia aculeatifolia (Burkart) Burkart H shrub with flowers, armed with straight conical spines I fruits (R. H. Fortunato, Paraguay, Fortunato 8650 (BAB)).

  Part of: Gagnon E, Bruneau A, Hughes CE, De Queiroz LP, Lewis GP (2016) A new generic system for the pantropical Caesalpinia group (Leguminosae). PhytoKeys 71: 1-160.