Zuccagnia punctata Cav.. A flowering branchlet B infructescence C stem section D leaflet E flower (unopened) F median petal G detail of petal glands H upper lateral petal I lower lateral petal J stamen K gynoecium L stigma M fruit. A, D from Tinto 2017 B, M from Wingenroth et al. 354 C, E–L from Cabrera 30149. Drawn by Christi A. Sobel.

  Part of: Gagnon E, Bruneau A, Hughes CE, De Queiroz LP, Lewis GP (2016) A new generic system for the pantropical Caesalpinia group (Leguminosae). PhytoKeys 71: 1-160. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.71.9203