Stuhlmannia moavi Taub. A inflorescence and pinnate leaf B flower bract C flower D sepal E median petal F upper lateral petal G lower lateral petal H flower with sepals and petals removed from one side to show arrangement of stamens I stamen J lower portion of stamen filament, seen from inside the flower K lower portion of stamen filament seen from outside the flower L hypathium after fall of sepals, petals and stamens M gynoecium, N stigma and apical portion of style O detail of outer surface of ovary showing sessile glands P fruit Q seed R transverse section of seed. A from Tanner 3167 B, P–R from Tanner 3724 C–O from Tanner 2467. Drawn by E. M. Stones, originally published in Hooker`s Icones Plantarum, Tab. 3626 (1967).

  Part of: Gagnon E, Bruneau A, Hughes CE, De Queiroz LP, Lewis GP (2016) A new generic system for the pantropical Caesalpinia group (Leguminosae). PhytoKeys 71: 1-160.