Biancaea decapetala (Roth) O. Deg. A flowering branchlet and foliage B, C leaflets viewed from above and below, respectively D flower with parts separated, and centre of flower enlarged E calyx three views F lateral petal G median petal H stamen I anther J gynoecium K fruits L seed. A from Rutherford-Smith 11062 B, C from White 2478 D–J from Chase 4564 K, L from Myre 2528. Drawn by D. Erasmus, originally published in Flora Zambesiaca, vol. 3 part 2, page 182, figure 3.2.39 (2007).

  Part of: Gagnon E, Bruneau A, Hughes CE, De Queiroz LP, Lewis GP (2016) A new generic system for the pantropical Caesalpinia group (Leguminosae). PhytoKeys 71: 1-160.