Begonia parvibracteata drawn by Yunxiao Liu A хabit B staminate inflorescence C, D front and back views of staminate flower E lateral view of staminate flower F stamen G, H front and back views of pistillate flower with 4 tepals I front view of pistillate flower with 6 tepals J cross section of ovary K styles and stigmas L stigmas M abaxial view of capsule showing wings N lateral view of capsule showing two shorter wings.

  Part of: Feng X-X, Huang X-F, Huang Y-N, Liu Z-X, Li R-K, Zhou J-Y, Guo W, Chen X-Y, Tian D-K (2022) Begonia parvibracteata, a new species in Begonia sect. Platycentrum (Begoniaceae) from Guangxi of China, based on morphological and molecular evidence. PhytoKeys 214: 27-38.