Costus antioquiensis Maas & H.Maas A inflorescence terminating a leafy shoot B ligule showing indument at margin C inflorescence close up with flower at anthesis D bract (adaxial surface) subtending a bracteole (left), calyx with three lobes, and ovary at the base of the calyx E labellum as viewed from front, with the forked tip of the single fertile stamen visible at the center F stamen (left) and style (right) G stigma close-up, dorsal (left) and ventral (right) views. The forked projection on the ventral surface hooks between the thecae of the fertile stamen to hold the style erect. Drawing by Esmée Winkel.

  Part of: Maas PJM, Maas-van de Kamer H, André T, Skinner D, Valderrama E, Specht CD (2023) Eighteen new species of Neotropical Costaceae (Zingiberales). PhytoKeys 222: 75-127.