Costus rubineus D.Skinner & Maas A plant in habitat near Villa Rica, Pasco, Peru B inflorescence with flowers showing the labellum with characteristic lobulate apex (a) C adaxial leaf midrib showing absence of line of hairs D bract and flower detail from plant in habitat at Alto Churumazu, Pasco, Perú showing the full flower with subtending bract (flower), bract (br), bracteole subtending the capsule (ovary plus calyx) (brl/ca), stigma and style as attached to the young capsule (gyn), petals, single fertile stamen (st) and labellum (lab). Seeds from this plant were collected and cultivated as D.Skinner R3421 E plant in habitat at 1980 meters near Chinchao, Huánuco, Perú, the original collection site of “C. ruber” as indicated in Ruiz’ journal F inflorescence with lower bracts removed and single flower photographed in the wild near Chinchao, Perú. Photos A–F by Dave Skinner.

  Part of: Maas PJM, Maas-van de Kamer H, André T, Skinner D, Valderrama E, Specht CD (2023) Eighteen new species of Neotropical Costaceae (Zingiberales). PhytoKeys 222: 75-127.