Costus douglasdalyi Maas & H.Maas A plant in habitat, inflorescence with flowers on a leafy shoot B in habitat, inflorescence on separate leafless shoot C flowers D plant in cultivation showing narrow leaves E, F bract and flower details showing bracts (br), bracteoles (bl), calyx (ca), ovaries (ov), three petals (petals), the fertile stamen (st) and the labellum (lab) A, B taken in Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, Brazil C–F photos from plant pressed and accessioned as D.Skinner R3482 in cultivation. Photos A–F by Dave Skinner.

  Part of: Maas PJM, Maas-van de Kamer H, André T, Skinner D, Valderrama E, Specht CD (2023) Eighteen new species of Neotropical Costaceae (Zingiberales). PhytoKeys 222: 75-127.