Paraphlomis jinggangshanensis A habit, growing on gravelly hillside B plant, stems much branched C flowering branch D leaves with long petiole, base cordate E both surfaces of leaf blade with dense glandular trichomes F stem, petiole, and calyx tube with dense glandular trichomes G front view of corolla, lower lip dotted with purplish red spots, throat villous annulate H inner view of corolla, filaments borne in middle of corolla tube; red arrow indicates glabrous style; anthers glabrous I lateral view of flower J inflorescence K fresh nutlets (glabrous) and inner view of calyx tube (A–D by Zhong Zhang E–K by Wan-Yi Zhao).

  Part of: Zhao W-Y, Zhang Z, Fan Q, Chen C-Q, Liao W-B, Boufford DE (2022) Paraphlomis jinggangshanensis (Lamiaceae), a new species from Jiangxi, China. PhytoKeys 204: 1-8.