Ardisia whitmorei Julius & Utteridge, sp. nov. A flowering leafy twig B mature flower C aerial view of opened flower D flower dissected to show the stamen arrangement E anther, lateral (left) and front view (right) F petals removed to show calyx and pistil G calyx, abaxial (left) and lateral view (right) H ovary dissected to show the ovules I flower prior to anthesis, showing one flower with exerted style J infructescence K fruit L fruit, cross-section. (Illustration by Mohd Aidil Nordin A–I from Mohd. Hairul et al., FRI70884 J–L from T.C. Whitmore, FRI12727: scale bar for C similar to D, F similar to B and K similar to L).

  Part of: Julius A, Utteridge TM (2022) Ardisia whitmorei (Primulaceae-Myrsinoideae), a new species from north east of Peninsular Malaysia. PhytoKeys 204: 35-41.