Euonymus aquifolium Loes. & Rehder A flowering and fruiting branches B leaves in abaxial view C a flower in side view D a flower in rear view showing abaxial calyx, attached pedicel and a pair of bracteoles at its base E a flower in front view F a flower with petals removed showing disk G a detached petal H an immature fruit in front view I an immature fruit in side view [Drawn by Cong-Ying Li from live specimens J. Hu et al. hujun20210810B01].

  Part of: Hu J, Zhang J-Y, Yu D-X, Jiang H, Xu B, Liu Q, He H (2022) ´╗┐Euonymus aquifolium (Celastraceae): Rediscovered in flowering with respect to its taxonomy, nomenclature, and rarity. PhytoKeys 201: 139-151.