Ranges of variation of seed length A and seed width B of Sisymbrium polymorphum. The boxes represent the 25th–75th percentiles, the upper and lower whiskers extend the minimum and maximum data points and the square inside boxes indicate median. The order of localities is according to Suppl. material 2: Appendix S1.

  Part of: Rewicz A, Torbicz W, Zavialova L, Kucher O, Shevera MV, Rewicz T, Kiedrzyński M, Bomanowska A (2022) Seed variability of Sisymbrium polymorphum (Murray) Roth (Brassicaceae) across the Central Palaearctic. PhytoKeys 206: 87-107. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.206.85673