Illustration of Selaginella wuyishanensis A habit B adaxial view of branch C abaxial view of branch with rhizophore D axillary leaf E ventral leaf F dorsal leaf G strobili H ventral sporophyll I dorsal sporophyll (A–F drawn by Sun YB based on the isotype at NF G–I drawn by Wei HJ based on the paratype at CSH).

  Part of: Xu K-W, Chen S-F, Song Q, Zheng X, Li M, Fang Y-M, Wei H-J, Ding H, Zhou X-M, Duan Y-F (2022) Selaginella wuyishanensis (sect. Tetragonostachyae, Selaginellaceae), a new species from East China and its phylogenetic position based on molecular data. PhytoKeys 202: 107-119.