Depiction of morphological variation amongst the different subgenera of Rumex. A Rumex acetosella growing in Virginia, USA (subg. Acetosella) B Rumex thyrsoides growing in Morocco (subg. Acetosa) C Rumex nervosus growing in Ethiopia (subg. Acetosa) D Rumex obtusifolius growing in New York, USA (subg. Rumex) E Rumex bucephalophorus collected on the Moroccan coast (subg. Platypodium) F Rumex papilio growing in Morocco (subg. Acetosa). All photo credits J.M. Burke.

  Part of: Grant KD, Koenemann D, Mansaray J, Ahmed A, Khamar H, El Oualidi J, Burke JM (2022) A new phylogeny of Rumex (Polygonaceae) adds evolutionary context to the diversity of reproductive systems present in the genus. PhytoKeys 204: 57-72.