Erythroxylum austroguangdongense A flowering branches B leafy branches C female flowers D male flower E stipule, showing fimbriate margin F flower bud, showing calyx G petals, adaxial (left), lateral (middle) and abaxial (right) view H androecium I staminodes and pistil J cross section of ovary, showing one fertile locule (low right) K–L fruits. Scale bars: 3 mm (H); 2 mm (E–G, I); 1 mm (J). Photographs A–B by Xin-Xin Zhou D, K by Wei-Jun Chen H by Xue-He Ye and others by Chun-Mei He.

  Part of: He C-M, Zhou X-X, Ye X-H, Chen W, Tong Y-H (2022) Erythroxylum austro-guangdongense (Erythroxylaceae), a new species from Guangdong, China. PhytoKeys 202: 133-138.