Phylogram obtained in a Bayesian analysis for the genus Cryptolophocolea and related taxa based on trnL-F dataset. The values of Bayesian posterior probabilities and bootstrap support from the MP and ML analyses greater than 0.50 (50%) are indicated. Specimen names and GenBank accession numbers are provided. Newly studied specimens are marked in bold 1 family Lophocoleaceae 2 family Brevianthaceae 3 family Plagiochilaceae.

  Part of: Bakalin VA, Maltseva YD, Klimova KG, Nguyen VS, Choi SS, Troitsky AV (2022) The systematic position of puzzling Sino-Himalayan Lophocolea sikkimensis (Lophocoleaceae, Marchantiophyta) is identified. PhytoKeys 206: 1-24.