Phylogram obtained in a Bayesian analysis for the genus Cryptolophocolea and related taxa based on ITS1–2 dataset. The values of Bayesian posterior probabilities and bootstrap support from the MP and ML analyses greater than 0.50 (50%) are indicated. Taxon names and GenBank accession numbers are provided. Newly studied specimens are marked in bold 1 family Lophocoleaceae 2 family Brevianthaceae 3 family Plagiochilaceae.

  Part of: Bakalin VA, Maltseva YD, Klimova KG, Nguyen VS, Choi SS, Troitsky AV (2022) The systematic position of puzzling Sino-Himalayan Lophocolea sikkimensis (Lophocoleaceae, Marchantiophyta) is identified. PhytoKeys 206: 1-24.