Leaves showing leaflet shapes, margins and apices in the sections and subsections of Polylepis: section Sericeae: A P. multijuga; elliptic, serrate, obtuse (subsect. Lanuginosae) B P. ochreata; elliptic, entire to slightly serrate, emarginate (subsect. Sericeae) C P. pauta, elliptic, crenate, emarginate (subsect. Pauta) D P. rodolfo-vaquezii, elliptic, entire, emarginate (subsect. Pepea). Section Reticulatae: E P. microphylla, broadly elliptic, entire, deeply emarginate F P. reticulata, elliptic to obovate, entire or slightly crenate, deeply emarginate. Section Australes: G P. australis, elliptic, serrate, emarginate. Section Incanaee: H P. besseri, obovate, crenate, obtuse or emarginate and I P. pallidistigma, elliptic, crenate, round or emarginate (subsect. Besseria) J P. tarapacana, obovate, entire or very slightly crenate, obtuse or acute and K P. incana, elliptic to obovate, crenate, obtuse to emarginate (subsect. Incanaee) L P. acomayensis, narrowly obovate, crenate, round to emarginate and M P. sacra, obovate, crenate, emarginate (subsect. Racemosae) N P. flavipila, obovate, crenate, acute or emarginate. Section Subsericantes: O P. subsericans, narrowly elliptic, entire to slightly serrate, round or emarginate. Photographs A, E, K, L E.G. Urquiaga F. B–G, M, O T.E. Boza E. H M. Kessler J A. Domic D G. Vargas.

  Part of: Boza Espinoza TE, Kessler M (2022) A monograph of the genus Polylepis (Rosaceae). PhytoKeys 203: 1-274. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.203.83529