Box plots showing the climatic niches of the species of the subsections Lanuginosae, Pauta and Pepea in relation to Mean Annual Temperature (MAT) (A) and Mean Annual Precipitation (MAP) (B). The ends of each box represent the upper and lower quartiles and the median is indicated with a bold line inside the box; the whisker lines extend to the highest and lowest observations, except when observations are higher or lower than the interquartile range (i.e. outliers), in which case they are indicated by a dot. Box plots that share the same lowercase letters within each subsection are not significantly different at p = 0.05. Vertical lines represent subsectional divisions.

  Part of: Boza Espinoza TE, Kessler M (2022) A monograph of the genus Polylepis (Rosaceae). PhytoKeys 203: 1-274.