Potential distribution model for P. acuminata; derived from the 78 geolocalized specimens of the present study (pink circles) and MAXENT bioclimatic modeling. Background colors indicate climate suitability: marginal (dark green), favorable (light green; above 10% training omission threshold), very favorable (yellow; above 33% omission threshold); excellent (orange; above 67% omission threshold).

  Part of: Rome M, d’Eeckenbrugge GC, Pérez JO, Rees M (2022) Resurrection of Passiflora acuminata DC. and synonymization of P. tolimana Harms, P. gleasonii Killip, P. metae M. Bonilla, C. Aguirre & Caetano (Passifloraceae) following a study of their morphology and ecogeography. PhytoKeys 201: 99-122. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.201.83316