Flowers and fruits of the four taxa under study A–C longitudinal sections of flowers of P. acuminata, respectively from Santarém, Pará, Brazil (photograph Luis Otávio Adão Teixeira), from Shushufindi, Sucumbíos (initially determined as P. tolimana), Ecuador (photograph David Scherberich); and from Guayabones, Mérida, Venezuela (initially determined as P. gleasonii, photograph Miguel Molinari D dried flower showing the innermost series of filaments, more or less fused, isotype of P. gleasonii, Gray herbarium, Harvard E, F dried flower with ensiform bracts and drawing of fruit, holotype of P. tolimana, Kew Garden herbarium (photograph Maxime Rome) G fruits of a specimen from Venezuela (initially determined as P. gleasonii, photograph Miguel Molinari) H fruit of P. acuminata from Santa Bárbara, Pará, Brazil (photograph Luis Otavio Adão Teixeira). Scale bar: 1 cm.

  Part of: Rome M, d’Eeckenbrugge GC, Pérez JO, Rees M (2022) Resurrection of Passiflora acuminata DC. and synonymization of P. tolimana Harms, P. gleasonii Killip, P. metae M. Bonilla, C. Aguirre & Caetano (Passifloraceae) following a study of their morphology and ecogeography. PhytoKeys 201: 99-122.