The genus Hydrochorea Barneby & J.W. Grimes (continued). Species from the Americas A flowering branch of Hydrochorea corymbosa (Rich.) Barneby & J.W. Grimes B close-up of inflorescence of H. corymbosa C discolorous leaves of H. corymbosa D close-up of inflorescence of Hydrochorea panurensis (Spruce ex Benth.) M.V.B. Soares, M.P. Morim & Iganci E unripe lomentiform pod of H. panurensis F close-up of inflorescence of Hydrochorea pedicellaris (DC.) M.V.B. Soares, Iganci & M.P. Morim, with a few peripheral flowers removed to expose sessile terminal flowers G unripe pods of H. pedicellaris H dehisced follicular pods of H. pedicellaris showing papery septate endocarp I detail of primary rachis of H. pedicellaris showing interpinnal extra-floral nectaries J inflorescence of Hydrochorea uaupensis M.P. Morim, Iganci & E.J.M. Koenen showing large sessile central flower and pedicellate peripheral flowers K unripe crypto-lomentiform pod and seed enveloped by septate endocarp of H. uaupensis; African species L inflorescence of Hydrochorea obliquifoliolata (De Wild.) E.J.M. Koenen M pinnae of Hydrochorea rhombifolia (Benth.) E.J.M. Koenen showing rhombic leaflets. A–E, J, K Erik Koenen F-I Colin Hughes L Jan Wieringa M William Hawthorne. Vouchers A–C J.R.V. Iganci 862 D, E M.P. Morim 563 F–I L.P. Queiroz 15529 J, K M.P. Morim 577 L J.J. Wieringa 6519 M unvouchered.

  Part of: Soares MVB, Koenen EJM, Iganci JRV, Morim MP (2022) A new generic circumscription of Hydrochorea (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae, mimosoid clade) with an amphi-Atlantic distribution. In: Hughes CE, de Queiroz LP, Lewis GP (Eds) Advances in Legume Systematics 14. Classification of Caesalpinioideae Part 1: New generic delimitations. PhytoKeys 205: 401-437.