A, B Microlobius foetidus: A fruiting branch with white seeds exposed B detail of a leaflet showing the tuft of trichomes at the base of the midrib C–G Naiadendron duckeanum: C fruits D detail of the striated branch E detail of petiolar nectary (upper view, magnified) F bark slash showing reddish exudate G flowering branch. Photos: A Donovan Bailey B Alexandre Gibau de Lima C–G Marcelo Simon.

  Part of: de Lima AG, de Paula-Souza J, Ringelberg JJ, Simon MF, de Queiroz LP, Borges LM, de Freitas Mansano V, Souza VC, Scalon VR (2022) New segregates from the Neotropical genus Stryphnodendron (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae, mimosoid clade). In: Hughes CE, de Queiroz LP, Lewis GP (Eds) Advances in Legume Systematics 14. Classification of Caesalpinioideae Part 1: New generic delimitations. PhytoKeys 205: 203-237. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.205.82220