Doselia lopezii A branch with clustered leaves and an inflorescence axis B trichomes on leaves C trichomes on the calyx D trichomes at the filament insertion point E flower at anthesis F dissected corolla showing partially exserted stamens G stamen in lateral view H detail of a stamen showing the insertion of the filament I detail of the stigma J fruit with an accrescent calyx with two calyx lobes removed (A–I López Filgueiras 8208: Drawing by Nidia Flury, first published in Hunziker (1985), reproduced with permission, the original drawing was edited by Omar Bernal and the fruit drawn by Humberto Mendoza).

  Part of: Orejuela A, Villanueva B, Orozco CI, Knapp S, Särkinen T (2022) Monograph of Doselia (Solanaceae), a new hemiepiphytic genus endemic to the northern Andes. PhytoKeys 202: 73-96.