Doselia galilensis A habitat in type locality in Galilea forest, Villarrica, Tolima B mid-elevation moist forest habitat in Galilea forest C floriferous branch with a flower D floriferous branch with a dissected and opened corolla showing corolla colouration inside and the inserted stamens E female Euglossa bee visiting the flower F front view of the corolla showing the purple-tinged lobes and the inserted stamens G developing fruit covered by an accrescent calyx (A–G Corrales et al. 917: Photographs by Boris Villanueva).

  Part of: Orejuela A, Villanueva B, Orozco CI, Knapp S, Särkinen T (2022) Monograph of Doselia (Solanaceae), a new hemiepiphytic genus endemic to the northern Andes. PhytoKeys 202: 73-96.