Doselia A.Orejuela & Särkinen A pseudoverticillate leaves in D. epifita B infundibuliform cream-purplish corolla of D. epifita C infundibuliform greenish-white corolla with subtle purple veins of D. galilensis D tubular-campanulate yellowish-green corolla of D. huilensis with strong purple-tinged reticulation along major and minor veins E developing fruit in D. huilensis F hypocrateriform orange corollas in D. lopezii G pendent long flowering branches in D. lopezii with clustered leaves and orange corollas in frontal view H developing fruit in D. lopezii with a nectariferous disc at the base (Vouchers: A Orozco et al. 3876 (COL), B no voucher, C Corrales et al. 917 (JBB, TOLI), D Coral 34 (HEEA), E Orejuela & Vélez-Puerta 112 (COL) F Orejuela et al. 727 (JBB) G no voucher H Orejuela & Calderon 170 (COL): photos by Alistair Hay, Andreas Kay, Andrés Orejuela, Boris Villanueva, Brayan Coral, and Eduardo Calderon.

  Part of: Orejuela A, Villanueva B, Orozco CI, Knapp S, Särkinen T (2022) Monograph of Doselia (Solanaceae), a new hemiepiphytic genus endemic to the northern Andes. PhytoKeys 202: 73-96.