Virola bombuscaroensis A branch with staminate inflorescence and detail of trichomes on abaxial surface B partial staminate inflorescence in bud C external surface of staminate perianth (in bud), with detail of trichomes (top right) D medial section of staminate perianth showing the internal surface and androecium, with a close-up of the filament column with trichomes at bas and anthers (right) E branch with infructescence F different views of the fruits, detail of trichomes (left), and open fruit showing the seed with laciniate aril (above). Drawn by Bobbi Angell based on J. Homeier 1090 (A–E MO), and J. Homeier 4507 (F–G MO).

  Part of: Santamaría-Aguilar D, Lagomarsino LP (2022) New Species of Virola (Myristicaceae) from South America. PhytoKeys 197: 81-148.