Virola aguarunana A branch with staminate inflorescence, including detail of abaxial leaf surface B partial staminate inflorescence C staminate perianth, with detail of trichomes (left) D medial sections of staminate perianth, showing the internal surface and androecium, with a closeup of the filament column and anthers (right) E fruit with detail of trichomes (left), with open fruit showing laciniate aril. Drawn by Bobbi Angell based on C. Díaz et al. 7700A (A–E; MO) and C. Díaz et al. 7195 (F; MO).

  Part of: Santamaría-Aguilar D, Lagomarsino LP (2022) New Species of Virola (Myristicaceae) from South America. PhytoKeys 197: 81-148.