Virola tuckerae A branch with staminate inflorescence B partial staminate inflorescence C lateral view of staminate perianth with an enlargement of trichomes (right) D medial section of staminate flower and androecium (right) E Leaf blade on adaxial side, with detail of petiole and trichomes F fruits with detail of trichomes (left) and an open fruit showing seed covered with laciniate aril (right). Drawn by Bobbi Angell based on J. Pipoly et al. 16797 (A–D MO), and Á. Cogollo et al. 4147 (E–F MO).

  Part of: Santamaría-Aguilar D, Lagomarsino LP (2022) New Species of Virola (Myristicaceae) from South America. PhytoKeys 197: 81-148.