The phylogenetic position of Asplenium jiulianshanense K.W.Xu & G.L.Xu based on seven plastid markers (atpB, rbcL, rps4, rps4-trnS, trnL, trnL-F, and trnG). The numbers associated with branches are maximum likelihood bootstrap (MLBS) values followed by Bayesian inference posterior probabilities (PP). “*” indicates MLBS = 100% or PP = 1. Black vertical bars indicate those major clades identified by Chang et al. (2018).

  Part of: Lin C-X, Xu G-L, Jin Z-F, Liao W-B, Xu K-W (2022) Molecular, chromosomal, and morphological evidence reveals a new allotetraploid fern species of Asplenium (Aspleniaceae) from southern Jiangxi, China. PhytoKeys 199: 113-127.