Comparison of stipe scales in Tectaria fuscipes and morphologically similar species A T. fuscipes (Dong 5194, IBSC) B T. subsageniacea (Dong 4270, IBSC) C T. subfuscipes (Chang 20140503021, TAIF) D T. sp. (Dong 5096, IBSC) E T. setulosa (Dong 4782, IBSC) F T. ingens (Miehe et al. 13093007, SING) G T. kusukusensis (Dong 4851, IBSC) H T. paradoxa (Fraser-Jenkins FN77, TAIF) I T. dissecta (Chang 20160125, TAIF).

  Part of: Dong S-Y, Li S-H, Huang L, Tan S-S, Zuo Z-Y (2022) A phylogenetic and morphological study of the Tectaria fuscipes group (Tectariaceae), with description of a new species. PhytoKeys 195: 75-92.