Spiradiclis pengshuiensis sp. nov. A habitat B habit C linear stipules D visiting insects E bracts and hypanthium F–I longitudinal section of long- (F, H) and short-styled flowers (G, I), respectively, showing the induments, relative positions and morphology of the stigmas and anthers and the developing capsules in distylous flowers J infructescence K–L transverse and longitudinal section of young capsules, respectively M mature capsule N dehiscent capsules O seeds. Photos by Ruijiang Wang.

  Part of: Pan B, Ma H-S, Wang R-J (2016) Spiradiclis pengshuiensis (Ophiorrhizeae, Rubioideae), a new species from Chongqing, China. PhytoKeys 63: 41-45. https://doi.org/10.3897/phytokeys.63.8016