Field images of Gasteranthus extinctus A herbivore-damaged corolla showing inflorescence branches and calyx with conspicuous pilose-villous indument B relatively (< 4 cm) short peduncles C relatively fewer flowers (2–6) per inflorescence and pouched or hypocyrtoid corollas D elliptic leaves. Photographs A by X. Cornejo B, D by R. Fortier C by N. Zapata. Scale bar: 1 cm.

  Part of: Pitman NCA, White DM, Guevara Andino JE, Couvreur TLP, Fortier RP, Zapata JN, Cornejo X, Clark JL, Feeley KJ, Johnston MK, Lozinguez A, Rivas-Torres G (2022) Rediscovery of Gasteranthus extinctus L.E.Skog & L.P.Kvist (Gesneriaceae) at multiple sites in western Ecuador. PhytoKeys 194: 33-46.