Solanum miyakojimense T.Yamaz. & Takushi A herbarium specimen (holotype) collected in Japan in 1989 (Takushi [6400] s.n., TI00085080) B habit (Hsu 16234, Taiwan) C detail view of the prickles and the pubescence of a stem (Hsu 16234, Taiwan) D detail view of a flower (Hsu 16234, Taiwan) E detail view of a fruit with seeds inside (Hsu 16234, Taiwan). Photograph credits: A TI B–E M.-I. Weng.

  Part of: Aubriot X, Knapp S (2022) A revision of the “spiny solanums” of Tropical Asia (Solanum, the Leptostemonum Clade, Solanaceae). PhytoKeys 198: 1-270.